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Nothing magical about Disney's wage ruling

What does a recent Labor Department ruling against the Walt Disney Co. have to do with your senior living organization? Hopefully, not a thing.

A slam dunk to increase move-ins?

If basketball isn't part of your present marketing efforts, it could be part of your future, according to new research.

Regulatory update: 'If it's not one thing, it's another'

President Trump already has issued an executive order mandating that two regulations must be removed for every new one that is introduced. But just as one door may be closing, others are beginning to open.

Is it a zombie apocalypse?

Are your family members, friends and co-workers acting uncharacteristically? I conducted some research and am here to share my findings and quell your worries.

Why should Obamacare monopolize the Capitol Hill goofiness?

As a general rule, Senate confirmation hearings tend to be mind-numbingly boring affairs. Things got interesting recently, however.

Reduce burnout to reduce turnover

If you want to lessen employee turnover, then address employee burnout, according to a recent survey.

Makes you wonder what the governors might be smoking

What if your boss made the following offer: Many of the resources you need to do your job will be reduced or removed. But in exchange, you can play a more central role in making the cuts.

Win against fraud with these 4 approaches

The Jamaican lottery scam and other sweepstakes schemes are alive and well. So how do you help your residents avoid becoming victims? Read on.

Yes, thieves are coming for your data

Think your senior living community is exempt from data theft? Think again.

Workers want more than a paycheck

New research reveals a few changes that operators could make to appeal to potential employees.

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March 16

A wee bit o' fun

San Antonio

Poet's Walk San Antonio had an early St. Patrick's Day celebration on Wednesday.

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