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How to sleep tight when traveling

If you're headed to a major senior living conference this year, you may find a new "best of" cities list of interest. But this is a list that no city wants to be on.

Going Dutch was never like this

Think some ideas for improving senior living services in the United States are out there? Take a gander at what's being proposed in Germany.

Breaking free of industry stereotypes

A film student in Germany surely has a bright professional future, but one of his recent projects doesn't do much to illuminate the senior living industry.

Court's decision a tough break for senior living employers

California's highest court has offered clarification on employee-break requirements. But this is hardly a limited dispute. In fact, the largely unfavorable ruling just might have implications for senior living operators nationwide.

Operators seek resolution to these issues in the new year

Several regulatory issues remain unresolved for senior living operators as 2017 begins.

About that hospital boom ahead ...

More than a few assisted living operators wouldn't mind snapping off a piece of the post-surgical transfer action, but it turns out that a huge battle is heating up.

Many senior living operators appear to have trouble connecting the dots

Perhaps senior living operators shouldn't laugh too loudly at Donald's Trump's expense. Although many think the next inhabitant of the Oval Office is tone deaf on certain socioeconomic issues, it's pretty clear that many providers also rightly might be accused of being out of touch.

First impressions: Little things can mean a lot

I spent some time at a senior living community at the invitation of the Where You Live Matters campaign and realized that seemingly small things can add up to a memorable first impression for prospective residents. And those same things can factor into the resident and staff experience, too.

Here's one way to make visits more rewarding

A senior living center in China's Jiangsu province has found a rather unique way to increase visitors.

Your flu to-do list

It's National Influenza Vaccination Week, and senior living communities can take steps to encourage vaccination among residents and staff members.

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Jan. 11

Merry marriage

Tyrone, PA

It was a first for the Colonial Courtyard at Tyrone — a wedding held on site.

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