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When it comes to recruitment and retention, these guys school the competition

So what's to be done when you need employees who are better trained and more loyal?

It's not just residents at risk of being lonely and isolated

Much has been written about the benefits that senior living communities can offer older adults who may be at risk of loneliness and isolation. A recent national survey puts more data behind the argument, but some results may surprise you.

Why more senior living leaders need to take a hike

While you are hammering away at spreadsheets, emails and other matters that just can't wait, you may be slowly, but surely, becoming less connected.

Actually, it's a breakthrough senior living operators would cheer as well

Many people in the senior living sector found my most recent column offensive and off the mark. On further review, I must agree.

2.4 million reasons to be nice

We're supposed to be nice because it's the right thing to do, not because we expect something in return. It sure is heartwarming, though, when people are rewarded for their good deeds.

A breakthrough everyone would cheer, except for maybe senior living operators

From a bottom-line perspective, it's hard to argue that removing one's largest income stream is going to help the future of this sector.

Survey makes a case for going soft on new employees

New research from a surprising source may change the way you approach employee training and development.

Staffing options can get downright creative when you 'give a damn'

A new strategy could result in a "motivated, energized, stimulated, loyal" senior living workforce. And it's pretty simple to implement.

CEO who fired himself has advice, predictions for you

Chances are good that you or someone you know will be in the same position as a Virginia senior living CEO who recently decided to fire himself to try to help the community survive. That CEO has some advice for you.

Coming soon to your senior living organization: Explosive, unexpected changes

I can't tell you what changes are coming to your senior living organization. But I can tell you this: They are coming.

In Focus

Aug. 15 

Senior 'stay-cation'

State College, PA 

Residents and friends of Juniper Village at Brookline's Wellspring Memory Care in State College, PA, recently took a virtual trip to the beach.

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