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An important 'connection' that senior living often overlooks

I am not a marketing director for an assisted living or independent living community. But if I were, my message would be simple and direct.

Some thoughts on Trump's first 100 days

President Donald Trump will hit the 100-day mark of his presidency on Saturday. A new replacement for the Affordable Care Act, a new surgeon general and a new FDA commissioner are some of the changes for the future.

Don't feel bad about Grandma's new weed habit

Dubious reactions to marijuana use among seniors speak to two truths.

Hollywood hints at real life

When some friends and I went to the movies the other night, they looked forward to escaping from the real world for 90 minutes, whereas I looked forward to seeing whether aging and older adults were portrayed realistically.

You may not like what the NIC's middle-market study reveals

It's very possible the real payoff of the National Investment Center for Seniors Housing & Care study of middle-market demand for seniors housing may be the reality check it delivers. And here, I'm afraid, the findings may not be so encouraging.

2017 a notable year for Parkinson's disease

This year's observances of World Parkinson's Day and Parkinson's Awareness Month are especially notable because 2017 is the 200th anniversary of the essay in which James Parkinson defined the movement disorder for the first time.

Too many senior living operators focused on the wrong benchmark

Talk to any operator, and it won't take long before you hear "quality" intoned in a highly reverential manner. Perhaps we should start using a different yardstick, however.

A move toward a more inclusive society

What do dementia and Parkinson's disease have to do with professional basketball? Read on.

No need to trash this emerging senior living option

I have seen the future of senior living. And it looks a lot like a trailer park. Come to think of it, it just might be a trailer park.

Payers 'can't ignore assisted living,' former senators say

Former Sens. Tom Daschle and Bill Frist showed prescience at the NIC Spring Investment Forum when they said that any reform to the Affordable Care Act would need bipartisan support to be successful. They also shared their opinions on what is ahead for senior living and long-term care.

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April 27

Rookie of the year

Commack, NY

Gurwin Jewish resident Rudal "Rudy" Ahlen, 101, has been cheering for the New York Mets since they began, but she's never been to a game. That may change soon, however.

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