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Want to keep your best employees? Then break these two bad habits

Most organizations would dramatically trim turnover overnight by adopting a coaching mindset and eliminating annual reviews.

Celebrating the heart in senior living

February is a month marked with celebrations of the special people in our lives, appreciation for others and education to learn ways to take better care of ourselves, especially our cardiovascular health. Here's a look at some of the ways that those goals have manifested themselves in senior living.

I hate to bring up these senior living challenges ...

You don't have to be an expert to realize that many operators are not listening to the market. And as long-term strategies go, that's probably not a good one.

Taking age discrimination off the menu

A court case in Boston ultimately may affect hiring practices at all types of employers across the country.

Pretending to revamp Medicaid

It appears some significant changes may be coming Medicaid's way. And the early betting is that these adjustments are not going to be of the payment-enhancement variety.

Alzheimer's film: Not many surprises for you, but maybe some for general public

Those who care for residents with Alzheimer's disease every day shouldn't expect many surprises from a new PBS documentary, "Alzheimer's: Every Minute Counts." But you still may wish to see it.

Poaching on the menu at many fast-food establishments

It's hardly a secret that many fast-food joints serve revenge-seeking grub. But lately, they've begun doing something else that may cause indigestion.

An unsung benefit of CCRCs

Many continuing care retirement / life plan communities offer a benefit that is not mentioned explicitly on their websites but could be a source of comfort to prospective residents.

Under questioning, an Obamacare critic suddenly doesn't have much to say

Being on the business end of a Senate confirmation hearing can be a grueling, uncomfortable experience. That certainly was the case yesterday for the president-elect's choice to run the Department of Health and Human Services.

How to sleep tight when traveling

If you're headed to a major senior living conference this year, you may find a new "best of" cities list of interest. But this is a list that no city wants to be on.

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Feb. 10

Snow fun

Princeton, NJ

Residents of Brandywine Living at Princeton in New Jersey ranging in age from 88 to 94 had a little outside fun after a snowstorm blasted the Northeast on Feb. 9.

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