June 2014 Issue of McKnight's Senior Living

June 2014 Issue of McKnight's Senior Living

June 2014

My Turn

Hold end-of-life planning conversations

Clear the air now: it's truly good for everyone involved

Resident Safety

Advance directives reach record levels

Seniors are completing advance directives in record numbers, but this is not having the expected effect of shifting people from hospitals to hospices in their ...


Safety comes first

An expanding menu of bathing equipment and options is enabling senior care operators to offer residents more choice and safety than has ever been possible

Champagne taste

While tight funds can prove challenging when revamping outdated or dilapidated spaces, beautiful assisted living communities can be had on even shoestring budgets.

Inspiring motivation

Cultivating motivation in the rehab therapy setting comes down to pushing the right buttons at the right time — and knowing when to stop pushing

The science of safety

Technology is enabling assisted living operators to keep residents secure without intruding on their independence and privacy.

Design Decisions

Pet projects

Visitors to Silverado-Orchard Park are likely to be greeted by a dog named Eli as they walk through the front door.

Tech Talk

Feds offering new risk assessment tool

In an age where personal information is increasingly at risk of being exposed and stolen, protecting that data from brazen interlopers has become a monumental ...

Editor's Column

Return of reverse mortgages

All but left for dead, they are suddenly a legit funding source


It's not just residents aging in place

Although most of us are clearly aware that our residents age in place, we frequently overlook or ignore another critical aging trend — the gradual ...

Alzheimer's Outreach

Exercise reduces risk for Alzheimer's

One of the best ways to prevent Alzheimer's disease in old age is to remain physically active in the preceding years, Finnish researchers recently discovered.

In Focus

June 20

107 years young

Chambersburg, PA 

Irene Rebok, a resident of Magnolias of Chambersburg, will celebrate her 107th birthday with a visit from a state representative and a "card shower."