June 2015 Issue of McKnight's Senior Living

June 2015 Issue of McKnight's Senior Living

June 2015

My Turn

Assisted living services will intensify

Recently there has been much debate as to the assisted living business model.

Resident Safety

Many with Alzheimer's remain unaware

A new report by the Alzheimer's Association asserts that fewer than half of Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers ever learn of their diagnosis from a ...


Staying safe and secure

As assisted living facilities welcome high-acuity residents in greater numbers, the issue of protecting them from potential safety hazards has become a top priority

Case for a makeover

It's imperative to roll out an appeal for renovating in the right way, including starting with a master plan, and having a way to minimize ...

A lasting impression

Quality counts when it comes to furniture and furnishings. But that doesn't mean you have to break the bank in order to get products that ...

Locking the box

The HIPAA landscape is evolving for providers as cloud storage, mobile devices and large-scale cyber attacks present new challenges to security and privacy efforts.

Troubled waters?

In the perpetual quest to mitigate risk in assisted living facilities, one area that appears at the top of the concern list more frequently than ...

Design Decisions

A welcome change

When the renovation team first assessed the scope of the job they were about to undertake at the 20-year-old Fort Stockton Nursing Center, the first ...

Tech Talk

Telemonitoring savings not significant

Despite new research suggesting that a majority of U.S. adults — 56% — now embrace using a connected device at home to monitor health and ...

Editor's Column

'Micro' management ahead?

Unions find a new way to organize: think smaller


Help seniors see the real bottom line

One common sales deal killer is how our customers frequently view the cost of senior living alternatives.

Alzheimer's Outreach

Food for thought in dementia battle

Could a resident's chances of getting Alzheimer's disease be influenced by what that person eats?

In Focus

June 13

Survey says ... game show week is a hit

Rochester, NY 

St. John's Home recently hosted "Game Show Week 2.0" in recognition of Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month, which is June.