Products you need, April 2017

New solution for earwax impaction

Eosera has introduced Earwax MD, a product that helps clear ears of earwax impaction. The topical drop, which has a patent pending, allows healthcare providers to offer a solution that doesn't involve a trip to an ear specialist.

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Shower feature for infection prevention

The Shower Cleanse product, which has a patent pending, is designed to help maintenance staff manage and maintain clean shower heads. The product doesn't need to be dismantled or soaked, reducing time and exposure to biofilm.

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Waterproof tape

ComfiTape from DermaRite is a flexible, waterproof, non-woven tape with a silicone adhesive that sticks securely to intact skin but not to the wound bed, company officials said. 

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Personalized sound for seniors

Eversound has introduced a wireless headphone system for senior living communities that can deliver personalized sound for each resident during a movie or presentation. The system has been shown to boost resident engagement, the company said.

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CPAP pillow

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare has introduced its new IntelliPAP® CPAP Pillow. The pillow can accommodate back, side and stomach sleepers, the company noted. It is made in the U.S. with hypoallergenic materials and comes with a machine-washable pillowcase.

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Chair with aluminum frame

DuraCare has unveiled a new chair that features a lightweight aluminum frame and a 12-year warranty. The Royal Chair (AC-890) has a weight capacity of 350 pounds.

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