Stanley announces updated wander management technology

The WanderGuard Blue manager.
The WanderGuard Blue manager.

Stanley Healthcare on Tuesday launched WanderGuard Blue, an updated wander management solution for the senior living industry.

WanderGuard Blue is built using entirely updated technology, including Bluetooth Low Energy for wireless communication and a mobile application as the main management interface. The mobile app allows for the wireless management of door controllers and resident tags in conjunction with a handheld tag detector.

Although designed for stand-alone exit protection, WanderGuard Blue supports extended functionality and integrations, including UL294-compliant access control and integration with Stanley's Arial Emergency Call solution for alarm annunciation, advanced reporting and notifications, including use of the new Arial mobile application.

Stanley has posted a video about WanderGuard Blue on YouTube.

WanderGuard Blue will be one of the products on display at booth 1527 at the Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference, May 1-3 in Nashville, TN.

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