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Alyssa Salela

Alyssa Salela

Alyssa was the 2017 editorial intern for McKnight's Senior Living and McKnight's Long-Term Care News. She had just graduated from the University of Missouri with a dual degree in journalism and psychology, and she was to return in the fall to pursue her master's degree in journalism. Alyssa most recently had worked as a print editor at Vox magazine, a city publication based in Columbia, MO. She also had worked as a reporter at the Columbia Missourian and as an editorial assistant at Wiles Magazine. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys long-distance running and reading.

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Lauren A. Dalvin, M.D.

Parkinson’s disease shows link to melanoma

People with either Parkinson’s disease or melanoma are four times as likely to receive a diagnosis of the other disease, according to a recent Mayo Clinic study. Researchers, however, said that the association likely is not due to a Parkinson’s drug, levodopa, that often is cited as a reason.

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