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Going Dutch

Going Dutch

Shaker Pointe at Carondelet in Watervliet, NY, has a design scheme that owes everything to a religious society that had a strong presence in the upstate area during the 19th century.

Transfers should be easy for residents and staff, experts say.

Troubled waters?

In the perpetual quest to mitigate risk in assisted living facilities, one area that appears at the top of the concern list more frequently than others is bathing.

A welcome change

A welcome change

When the renovation team first assessed the scope of the job they were about to undertake at the 20-year-old Fort Stockton Nursing Center, the first things they noticed were that the nursing station was much too large and the rehabilitation space was much too small.

Keeping residents safe from harm is a major issue for families and operators.

Staying safe and secure

As assisted living facilities welcome high-acuity residents in greater numbers, the issue of protecting them from potential safety hazards has become a top priority

Interoperability pressured

Congress is getting more involved in healthcare interoperability. Lawmakers have proposed legislation calling for changes to the process in order to speed up and broaden provider inclusion by the end of 2018.

The Drug Enforcement Administration reclassified hydrocodone combination products in the fall.

Serious side effects

New pain medication rules went into effect in October, forcing long-term care providers to figure out how to ensure residents receive what they need, and in comforting, timely ways.

Seniors housing properties are riding a financial rush that brings caution.

Capital gives sector a lift

Investors and lenders are lining up to find seniors housing projects to fund, but while this might seem like positive news, capital suppliers express concern about how to keep a lid on the potential tempest.

Playing catch up

Playing catch up

Senior housing facilities are ‘evolving’ with regard to information technology. Professionals in the industry need to define vision, scope and purpose for the present and the future

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