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Interoperability pressured

Congress is getting more involved in healthcare interoperability. Lawmakers have proposed legislation calling for changes to the process in order to speed up and broaden provider inclusion by the end of 2018.

The Drug Enforcement Administration reclassified hydrocodone combination products in the fall.

Serious side effects

New pain medication rules went into effect in October, forcing long-term care providers to figure out how to ensure residents receive what they need, and in comforting, timely ways.

Seniors housing properties are riding a financial rush that brings caution.

Capital gives sector a lift

Investors and lenders are lining up to find seniors housing projects to fund, but while this might seem like positive news, capital suppliers express concern about how to keep a lid on the potential tempest.

Playing catch up

Playing catch up

Senior housing facilities are ‘evolving’ with regard to information technology. Professionals in the industry need to define vision, scope and purpose for the present and the future

More operators are creating spa rooms that enhance the bathing experience.

Feeling warm all over

Bath time should be a pleasurable activity residents look forward to; with the right elements, communities can create an inviting experience

Many residents don't want to feel as if they are being watched.

On the constant lookout

Thanks to a combination of technology, education and protocols, senior living communities and families can keep a closer eye on those served

Acuity takes a seat

Acuity takes a seat

Clinical conditions and needs play a big role in furnishing choices for long-term care communities. What you choose influences who you serve — and vice versa

Pet projects

Pet projects

Visitors to Silverado-Orchard Park are likely to be greeted by a dog named Eli as they walk through the front door.

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