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Restoring dignity

Restoring dignity

Keeping incontinent residents healthy, dignified and satisfied is a full-time chore — if providers are educated and steadily keep a proper eye on those in their care

Tech tools are playing a role in virtually every aspect of running a senior living organization.

There’s an app for that

Once seen as a luxury, tech tools are increasingly viewed as an essential part of running an up-to-date senior living organization. Few operational areas are not affected by new breakthroughs.

Residents tend to be happier when they feel more in control of their options, experts note.

Balanced approach

Combining safety and choice is part science and part art when it comes to resident security. New options are making delicate weighing of options easier for operators.

Being pro-active

Being pro-active

Once just the domain of bingo, bridge and crafts, activity programs are taking a more central role in helping residents add joy and meaning to their lives.

Champagne Taste

Champagne taste

While tight funds can prove challenging when revamping outdated or dilapidated spaces, beautiful assisted living communities can be had on even shoestring budgets.

Safety comes first

Safety comes first

An expanding menu of bathing equipment and options is enabling senior care operators to offer residents more choice and safety than has ever been possible

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