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Lois A. Bowers

Lois A. Bowers

Lois has spent almost her entire career covering healthcare, the business of healthcare and related topics via journalism or public relations. She holds a master's degree in journalism and mass communication from Kent State University (media management) and is the recipient of the Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award as well as other honors.

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Eleanor Alvarez

Women of Distinction 2020: Eleanor Alvarez

Continuing our interview series with 2020 McKnight’s Women of Distinction honorees, Eleanor Alvarez, president and CEO of The Ganzhorn Suites and LeaderStat, shares when she knew the eldercare field was right for her, who her mentors have been, the biggest surprise of her career, her biggest accomplishment, the best part of her day, where she believes the senior living industry is headed, advice for those interested in the field, and in what ways she sees providers increasing diversity in the field.

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