Age of Disruption Tour dates announced

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Dates for the “Dr. Bill Thomas' 2016 Age of Disruption Tour” have been announced.

The 21-state tour will begin March 28 in Santa Fe, NM, and will end Nov. 18 in Houston. See additional dates and cities here.

“Disrupt Dementia” will be a new feature of the 2016 tour. It's a two-part afternoon workshop that will premiere a new documentary film by Rossato-Bennett, followed by live music from Nate Silas Richardson and international recording artist Samite. The second half of the workshop, which is under development, will be designed by and for people living with dementia as well as community partners.

Local steering committees are being formed in the 30 tour-stop cities to guide outreach efforts. Those interested in joining a committee can visit the website to sign up.


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