AHCA/NCAL adds customer satisfaction measure to LTC Trend Tracker

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A new customer satisfaction measure, CoreQ, is now available to upload and track in the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living's LTC Trend Tracker. The short customer satisfaction questionnaire adds a satisfaction quality measure to the AHCA/NCAL Quality Initiative.

The questionnaire has been independently tested to ensure that it is a valid, reliable measure of customer satisfaction across long-term care providers, according to AHCA/NCAL.

The organizations have asked customer satisfaction vendors to add the three to four CoreQ questions to their existing questionnaires or to enable separate administration of the CoreQ questionnaire. AHCA/NCAL also encourages operators to ask vendors to add these questions to their questionnaires. Find a list of vendors who have added the CoreQ to their questionnaires on the NCAL Quality Initiative website.

Those operators that don't use a vendor to collect customer satisfaction still can participate; find more information on the Quality Initiative website.

For more information about the questionnaire and satisfaction measure, visit the NCAL Quality Initiative website.

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