Editors' Columns

Editors’ Columns

John O'Connor's Columns

Senior living operators may soon have a new BFF

Some find it controversial that President Trump has nominated Eugene Scalia to head the Labor Department. But if you are running a senior living organization, the announcement is anything but.

Looking for leaders? Open your eyes, man!

Giving wrongheaded tropes a decent burial surely must be one of life’s great pleasures. Particularly when they are the spawn of misguided judgment.

Care to Google the future of senior living?

The senior living field likes to think of itself as high-touch, not high-tech. But it appears that one tech company is offering a labor management blueprint many operators soon may emulate.

Latest job perk: work a shift, get paid

Think offering same-day or next-day paychecks would be impossible to execute? Some of the competition is about to start doing exactly that.

Lois Bowers' Columns

Affordable options for the middle class

As the senior living industry looks to find ways to serve the silver wave of baby boomers, including those in the middle market, all ideas should be on the table as potential solutions. Ever heard of the Dymaxion House?

Diversity ‘even more critical’ in senior living

Companies operating in senior living increasingly are taking steps to make their boards and C-suites look more like the customers they serve and the workers who serve them. It’s a smart and welcome approach.

The wave after the silver one

The “silver wave” of baby boomers hasn’t even hit yet — the oldest boomers won’t even turn 80 for another seven years — and yet one company is looking past that wave to the next one.

A daily dose of inspiration

Starting today, we’re providing a closer look at the 40 Hall of Honor and Rising Star inductees of the McKnight’s Women of Distinction awards program in 2019.

Your opportunity to share and learn about technology in senior living

Has your community used technology to improve care or operations in the past year? If yes, the 2019 McKnight’s Excellence in Technology Awards program is here to give your organization the opportunity to obtain the recognition it deserves. And a free webinar this week will help you learn about technology while earning a continuing education credit.

How to stay competitive in a time of oversupply

Eric Mendelsohn on Thursday provided a peek into National Health Investors’ playbook for helping its operators stay competitive when a new senior living community is opening nearby.

Nailing motherhood

Whether or not our mothers are still with us, whether or not we have children of our own, we all can celebrate our nurturing qualities.

How to make senior living more appealing

A new study projects that at least 54% of middle-income adults in 2029 won’t be able to afford senior living. But even if people can afford it, will they want it?

Wellness plans ‘a work in progress’

If you’re looking for your organization’s employee wellness plan to pay dividends in the form of lower healthcare costs and absenteeism rates as well as higher job tenure and performance, then a new study by Harvard researchers will give you pause.

The forgotten generation of workers?

Members of Generation X, now aged 38 to 53, account for one-third of the U.S. workforce yet often are overlooked, according to a new survey.
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