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Want to keep earning CE credits? The rules are about to change

If you are in the habit of obtaining continuing education credits from the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards, your world will be changing dramatically on April 1.

Another caregiver shortage for senior living

If anyone in senior living or long-term care is screaming in relation to the results of this year's Fellowship Matches, they are screams of despair.

Why skilled care's pain could be senior living's gain

If you can deliver post-acute care at a lower cost than the skilled care joint down the street, you just might find yourself swimming in a very nice new revenue stream.

Why the GAO report ultimately could be good news for assisted living

The increased attention brought by a recent GAO report may be uncomfortable for those in the assisted living industry in the short term, but the health policy experts with whom I spoke suggest that the report ultimately could be good news for operators.

Medicaid, the Trojan horse of senior living

Like the citizens of Troy who failed to realize a hollow wooden horse contained something terrible, senior living operators have ignored the real threat Medicaid might unleash: federal rules and regulations.

GAO report on assisted living could be a game changer

As the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles faced off Sunday in the biggest football matchup of the season, the Government Accountability Office was preparing to release a long-awaited report that could have states, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and the assisted living industry playing defense.

Attention senior living operators: Analytics will not solve all your problems

When it comes to senior living, technology arguablyis the most disruptive force in play. And within the technology sphere, no tool is making a bigger impact than analytics.

A different take on intergenerational living

Senior living communities already know that marketing to a prospective resident includes marketing to the older adult's grown children because they are decision-influencers. Perhaps now it's time for communities to regularly market to those adult children as prospective residents themselves.

If this were an Olympic event, senior living would not medal

It's no secret that finding and keeping qualified employees can be a real challenge in the senior living field. But things may be even worse than many operators realize.

A bright spot in an otherwise grim weekend

During a weekend in which the federal government shutdown dominated the news, a bright spot emerged when Atria Senior Living residents and employees wished actress Kristen Bell good luck hosting Sunday night's Screen Actors Guild Awards. See the video and read more about the shutdown, too.

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In Focus

Feb. 21

Handmade holiday

Rochester, NY

Residents of St. John's recently were surprised with handmade Valentine's Day cards and gifts from local elementary school students.