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Is your senior living organization ready to make some good news?

You are in a position to not only read some good news, but to make some of your own.

Intergenerational programming: A growing differentiator

A new poll sheds light on public perceptions of efforts to foster intergenerational collaboration, and it presents opportunities for senior living operators.

Big plans aren't necessarily senior living's problem

Daniel Hudson Burnham's directive to "make no little plans" has inspired many an ambitious undertaking across our great country. Including, apparently, a plan by Brookdale Senior Living to establish the sector's first national brand.

10 tips for recruiting and retaining employees

A new guide that focuses on recruiting and retaining direct care workers offers advice that applies to many types of senior living employees.

A labor-relations problem that usually gets overlooked

The labor challenges that senior living operators discuss are part of a larger problem that generally is ignored.

Unapproved drugs for your terminal residents? An idea that is way overdue

In any senior living community, there are usually a few residents who just want to die. But the rest certainly don't. And the latter group just received a gift that potentially could help them live longer.

What the growing wealth gap could mean for senior living

Could the future success of the senior living industry depend on actions that might affect near-term success?

Is your senior living organization ready to crash and burn?

A hope and a prayer is a questionable way to run a senior living organization.

Planning through retirement an issue, but senior living may have an answer or two

Independent and assisted living communities may offer residents a benefit their community-dwelling peers don't have.

Many senior living organizations are paying a high price for cutting corners

Does a senior living community's reputation rest with its worst aide? Judging by the way many aides are trained and treated, not everyone thinks so.

In Focus

June 13

Survey says ... game show week is a hit

Rochester, NY 

St. John's Home recently hosted "Game Show Week 2.0" in recognition of Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month, which is June.