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Pay no attention to senior living's identity crisis

The latest occupancy numbers for assisted living point to absorption issues. But they may reveal another issue as well.

Don't let worry spread with news of this bathroom study

"Ew," was the predictable reaction to a study published in the April issue of Applied and Environmental Microbiology that found that hot air hand dryers spread bathroom bacteria.

Looking to expand your senior living business? All states are not created equal

A new study on health across the states indirectly reveals something that might prove to be helpful to senior living operators.

For some of your senior living residents, fraud may be in the cards

The new Medicare cards represent a huge opportunity for those with larceny in their hearts.

Give these workers credit for being creative

What do a dog, false eyelashes and hot coffee have in common? The answer may or may not surprise you.

'Big and bold changes' coming? Well, this could get interesting

The new boss at Health and Human Services is on a mission.

Breathe easy on your next flight

Is an airline flight in your future as you plan to attend a conference or take a break from work far from home? If so, then you may be interested a study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

How senior living can avoid skilled care's nightmare

Nursing homes are the proverbial canary in the coal mine. They are chirping, but are you listening?

A 'wake-up call' to improve employee retention

What's one way to retain employees? Make sure their supervisors are people for whom they want to work, suggests a recent national survey.

Bad roads and resident falls: what's the holdup?

We should have made more progress on falls among the elderly by now, yet this problem not only persists, it may be getting worse.

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In Focus

April 18

Spreading thanks

Houston and North Greenbush, NY 

Residents of Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor, a senior living community in Houston, recently held a virtual "gratitude party" for residents of Eastwyck Village of North Greenbush, NY, to thank them for their assistance after Hurricane Harvey.