As if staffing weren’t enough of a senior living challenge, two fresh developments show it might soon get worse.

For this latest downer, we can thank Amazon and our nation’s various states.

Why Amazon? Well, earlier this week, the trillion-dollar online retailer announced it will raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour for all employees.

“We’re excited about this change and encourage our competitors and other large employers to join us,” said CEO Jeff Bezos. He might have a reason to be “excited,” but that doesn’t mean you will.

For if you are wondering whether Bezos is throwing down the proverbial gauntlet your way, here’s the short answer: yes. And even if you are already making sure all your workers meet that hourly rate, you are not exactly in the clear.

The unemployment rate is lower than it has been in a long time. That means job prospects can be pickier and more demanding than ever. And when it comes to whether or not they will work at your community, pay is only part of the equation (although it is certainly the biggest factor for most). They are also looking at the hours, benefits and, frankly, the level of prestige that your available position has to offer. If you are trailing the play in any or all of these areas, lotsa luck.

As for your second reason to fret, please allow me to direct you to a state regulatory update the National Center for Assisted Living just released.

The latest annual report not only found that 29 states put new rules into effect, but that staffing levels were the most popular target. Worse still, NCAL predicts the states will likely up the ante in the year to come.

So to recap, you have more competition in the workforce, and one of your major payment sources wants you to hire more people. Other than that, how’s your day going?

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