I suppose there may have been a time when our nation’s politics was more tribal and divisive. But it hasn’t been any time lately.

These days, there’s a gap between the two sides you could drive a third party through.

As a person with friends deeply rooted in both camps, I have found that the less said about politicians and their tendencies, the better. There may be more pointless exercises than trying to convince a person to reconsider her or his political views. But there aren’t too many.

What does this have to do with senior living? As it turns out, quite bit. But maybe not in the way you’d expect.

Put aside for a moment whether our current president and Congress are helping or hurting. That’s a conversation for another day.

What I’d like to address is how the current winner-takes-all mood may be giving you a condition that might be described as labor management whiplash.

When President Obama was in office, Democrats also enjoyed a majority on the National Labor Relations Board. As a result, a lot of union-friendly rules and decisions kept popping up. From an operator’s perspective, this was anything but pleasant.

Rare was the month when some goofy pro-union argument or demand wasn’t getting a friendly hand on the back. To name but a few, worker-friendly overtime rules were pushed, unionization rules took on a decidedly anti-business tint, and employer oversight stiffened.

Fast forward to 2019, and the exact opposite is now in play. It’s an unusual week where we don’t see a push to make the business of running a business less burdensome

Now whether you see one reality or the other as better probably has a lot to do with where you sit.

Regardless, try not to get too happy or distraught about these developments. If recent history is any indication, it’s probably a safe bet they won’t last long.