Nicole Wagner

Older adults increasingly are becoming tech-savvy, using smartphones and tablet computers to communicate with their family members and friends. They also use their smart devices to conduct their own research on where they want to live. For this reason and more, digital tactics are a critical part of senior living community marketing activities.  

A website is one of a senior living operator’s most important assets. It’s where prospective residents are going to learn more about the community. It’s the place where you build trust and show your leadership in the industry.

After the website is in place, however, what digital marketing tactics should a community use? Here are five:

1. Blog

Blogging offers communities the opportunity to provide their audiences with useful information while positioning themselves as trusted experts. Use your blog to provide useful information on topics such as how to downsize, how to stay healthy as one ages, how to find the right senior community and how to find work as an older adult. High-quality content will keep people coming back.

2. Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, helps a community’s website be found by search engines. Keyword placement, quality content and a dynamic website help this effort. The more a site has of all three, the better the SEO results will be.

3. Social media

Social media allows the community to engage with prospective residents and others. You can share tips, post links to new content and share testimonials from current residents and their family members. Facebook offers a place to share as well as a place where potential residents can make queries or learn more about the community.

4. Email

Email lead-nurturing allows you to make your community more attractive to people who already have expressed interest. Share community events, resident highlights and interesting tidbits to show how involved and engaged the residents of your community are. That makes it more attractive to those considering moving in.

5. Online advertising

Paid online advertising positions your brand in front of anyone seeking information on senior living communities. In fact, as they search for that kind of information, your name pops up. It can give you highly qualified leads almost instantaneously.

These tactics will help you position your senior living community by grabbing the attention of older adults and their loved ones.

Nicole Wagner is internet marketing director for digital advertising agency Stevens & Tate Marketing, Lombard, IL. The firm’s resources on social media and e-mail marketing are posted online.