A Washington, D.C.-based accelerator program to help startup technology companies focused on caregiving solutions for older adults has announced its inaugural class of startups.

Techstars, a Boulder, CO-based worldwide network focused on entrepreneurial success, and partner Pivotal Ventures, a Melinda Gates incubation company, announced the 10 entrepreneurial companies that are part of the Techstars Future of Longevity Accelerator.

Based in Washington, D.C., the 13-week virtual program will host the first class of 10 startup companies providing innovative and creative solutions to address the unmet needs of individuals providing and receiving elder care. The Techstars Future of Longevity Class of 2020 cover a range of themes in the aging and longevity market, including:

  • Aging in place: Braze Mobility makes blindspot sensor systems for wheelchair users to increase safe and independent mobility; and Candoo Tech is providing virtual and in-home on-demand tech support to help older adults stay safe, independent and connected.
  • Care coordination platforms: ConnectCareHero is offering a software solution to senior living and care facilities to ease the burden of identifying, scheduling and coordinating activities; and MemoryWell is helping senior living communities personalize care by documenting each resident’s life story on a digital platform.
  • Retirement 2.0: Naborforce is enabling a network of active retirees and empty nesters to earn a flexible income while engaging with independent older adults who need companionship and light assistance in their homes; and UpsideHōM provides turnkey communal living and community engagement for aging adults, addressing loneliness and housing affordability.
  • Preventive wellness: Rubitection is offering a medical devise for early detection, prevention and management of bedsores; and Wysefit has an exercise app offering data-driven personalized fitness plans for adults aged more than 50 years.
  • Inclusive design: Authored designs adaptive clothing designed for older adults with mobility issues that might arise from arthritis, stroke or dementia.
  • Caregiver tools and management: Rezilient Health created a robotic telehealth platform that allows physicians to remotely perform physical exams and other assessments over the internet. 

The program pairs entrepreneurs with thought leaders and subject matter experts from Pivotal Ventures’ network, as well as Techstars’ worldwide network of mentors, investors, founders, corporate and government entities. Each company will use the program to accelerate the development of their solutions to support the aging community and their formal and family caregivers. 

The end of the program will culminate on Dec. 9 in a day of demonstrations. By then, the companies will have engaged with more than 100 mentors; formed relationships across the Techstars and Pivotal Ventures’ global network; undertaken product evolution, business model and growth milestones; and communicated their visions.

The 2020 Techstars Future of Longevity Class includes seven female CEOs, with Black or Latinx founders leading almost half of the companies.

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