Brent Weil

The Argentum apprenticeship program developed and expanded through a $6 million grant from the Department of Labor now has enrolled 785 participants and is on track to reach 1,200 by spring, the organization announced Tuesday, the first day of its online Senior Living Executive Conference.

“It’s become clear that retention of our workers is critical to our continued competitiveness,” Brent Weil, Argentum vice president of workforce development, said in a statement. “Apprenticeship is a way to show our team members that they’re valued, that we see their ability to grow as far as they want to. And for us to lay out that path with them makes them equal owners of their careers.”

The long-term registration goal for the Partners in the Healthcare Apprenticeship Expansion Program is 7,239 apprentices in 14 states by 2024. Targeted occupations include certified nursing assistants, licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, rehabilitation technicians, and pharmacy technicians; supervisors and executive directors of assisted living communities; and healthcare cybersecurity specialists.

The pathway for leadership positions such as supervisors, department directors, and executive directors of senior living communities is under development, with the goal of enrolling more than 250 apprentices in leadership pathways by February 2024. 

Five employer partners officially have signed onto the partnership, with five to six additional organizations expected to join through the first year of the grant. 

Employer partners are reimbursed for training and are provided with technical assistance to identify additional state and local grants to help supplement costs beyond what is allowable under the HAEP grant.

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