Jack Armstrong

Jack Armstrong is the new national healthcare and senior living sales manager at Electric Mirror, the company announced this week.

The company creates lighted mirrors and mirror televisions, and products can be put in senior living, post-acute or short-term rehabilitation centers. In his role, Armstrong will oversee senior living product sales. 

He joined the company in July, and was most recently the vice president of marketing sales at Cooltree. He has been president at medical equipment firms that include Romedic, Inc., Twin Medical, and Rane Bathing Systems.

“Electric Mirror has a tremendous opportunity to provide value to this market with innovative products that create a home-like atmosphere for seniors,” added Armstrong. “I’m really excited to see these high tech products integrated into the daily experience for seniors to create a low tech, home-y feel.”

The company’s products have Keen Technology, which can help prevent falls through a night light feature, the company said.