two people stand by a glass sculpture hanging on a wall
Baltimore artist Tim McFadden, left, created “Drifting Sea Anemones,” a custom Venetian glass sculpture now installed in the lobby at Atrium Village, a senior living community in Owings Mills, MD. He worked with Joanne McDonald, senior art consultant, Prints Unlimited Gallery. (Photo: Christopher Prosser)

Atrium Village, a Senior Lifestyle senior living community in Owings Mills, MD, unveiled the new artwork commissioned for its renovated lobby Sept. 3 at a community event featuring the artist, Tim McFadden.

Joanne McDonald, senior art consultant at Prints Unlimited Gallery, Chicago, has worked with McFadden for quite some time. For the renovated lobby in the senior living community, she strove for a design that encompassed natural light and played with modern color tones — something that McFadden made into a reality with his Drifting Sea Anemones sculpture. 

“I wanted to create something that aligned with Joanne McDonald’s artistic vision for the newly renovated lobby at Atrium Village,” McFadden said, “as this is the statement piece around which residents, families and visitors will congregate.” 

The Atrium Village community is in the final stages of a $13 million renovation, and the 10-piece hand-blown Venetian glass sculpture by McFadden is part of the effort.

To create the masterpiece, the artist used a glassblowing technique that fused bright, contrasting colors meant to mesh well with the community’s renovated lobby. The remodeled lobby is meant to provide the feel of high-end hospitality and an artistic energy, something that McFadden’s sculpture complements.

“Drifting Sea Anemones will be on display in the new Atrium Village lobby as part of the significant renovation and reimaging of the community for staff, residents, family members, as well as visitors, to enjoy,” McFadden said. “It was important that the art elicit feelings of beauty, relaxation and happiness.”

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