Nina Stroyen, Edwin Greenfield and Dorothy Patchell enjoy the awards ceremony.

Inspired by the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, about 30 residents at Spring Hills Cherry Hill Assisted Living in Cherry Hill, NJ, participated in their own festivities last Friday.

Activities Director Maureen Rowen said the day began with trivia and fun facts, followed by a procession to the town center to the sounds of Katy Perry’s new Olympic anthem, “Rise,” during which residents carried torches they had crafted in July in part from paper cotton candy cones. They lit their “official Olympic caldron” (a Halloween decoration filled with yellow, orange and red tissue paper), and the games began. Residents played volleyball, badminton, ring toss, a word search game and more. Donning “laurel leaf” crowns, residents received their medals at a ceremony during which the national anthem was played.

In addition to the United States, other countries were represented, among them France, Italy and England.

The day concluded with residents watching the 2016 Olympics opening ceremony in the community’s theater.

Above, left: Geraldine Proia and Fannie Basara display their torches. Right: Volleyball was one of the games played.

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