Chef Tonya Garrido helped compile Harwood Place’s recipe book. (Photo courtesy of Harwood Place.)

Breakfast in bed is a culinary tradition most associated with Mother’s Day, but residents at Harwood Place in Wauwatosa, WI, have got plenty of others to share. This year, with the help of Chef Tonya Garrido, they compiled them in a recipe book entitled “Made with Love: A Tribute to Mothers.” 

Each recipe is steeped in the family tradition of each resident.

For example, Ruth’s stollen recipe is a beloved family favorite that takes her back to her childhood and helps her remember her German roots.

Carol’s recipe for “Blazing Saddles” beans reminds her of funny memories with her aunt, who wasn’t supposed to eat them.

Alida shared her Hershey Bar Pie recipe, which she tried for the first time at her future mother-in-law’s home, when they first met. Alida loved the recipe so much that she jokes that it helped her say “yes” to marrying her husband.

With 26 different recipes, readers could spend an entire month working through the book. They say that the quickest way to the heart is through the stomach, so make sure to crack open “Made with Love” for Mom’s next breakfast in bed. 

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