Dwayne J. Clark, founder and CEO of Aegis Living, and Jimmy Darts, social media influencer, surprised a couple with $10,000.

With holiday spirit in tow, Dwayne J. Clark, founder and CEO of Aegis Living, popped into a local Walmart on Dec. 14 –– but his intent went beyond simply going grocery shopping. 

With him came Jimmy Darts, a Walker, MN-based mega-influencer and American social media personality. Darts is known for posting videos featuring pranks and random acts of kindness. 

During the duo’s Walmart visit, Darts asked a random couple for $2 to buy milk, which they gave to him with no qualms. Then, both Clark and Darts surprised the couple by taking them on a three-cart shopping spree to reward them for their kindness.

The couple’s reward for their good deed did not end with that, however. After helping the two load their groceries into their trunk, Clark surprised them by holding out $10,000 in cash, a reward for being hardworking parents to five children who inspire others with their kindness. 

The following day, the video was posted to Darts’ TikTok account, resulting in almost 6 million views in 48 hours and nearly a million likes. More importantly, the video resulted in thousands of comments and reshares and continues to trend.

This video is part of Aegis Living’s social media “kindness experiments,” which the company created as part of its annual Empowering People, Inspiring Consciousness (E.P.I.C) conference, including its Transform a Life program, focusing on bettering the lives of others. The collaboration’s goal is to combine corporate giving and social media to transform people’s lives in larger, sustainable ways. 

So far, four out of the 10 videos in the series have been released, featuring Aegis Living volunteers and others from across the Pacific Northwest who offered Darts a random act of kindness, resulting in a surprise reward.

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