Residents of Jefferson’s Ferry, a life plan community in South Setauket, NY, recently welcomed Newsday’s Kidsday Editor Pat Mullooly and student reporters from Udall Road Middle School in West Islip, NY, for a workout and dialogue.

The morning featured a Zumba class for the residents and students, who danced at their own paces through a variety of songs. The class was led by Jefferson’s Ferry’s full-time fitness instructor, Lynda Schoettl, who also teaches classes in yoga, aqua aerobics, strength training, mat Pilates, balance and mobility to the residents.

Afterward, everyone got better acquainted and shared their experiences.

The event “truly highlights the essence of fitness in a most fun way, as well as our approach here at Jefferson’s Ferry,” Schoettl said. “Exercise and sociability are essential for optimum health, no matter how old or young a person is. Our exercise programs can be adapted to any level of fitness or ability, and we encourage our residents to work out on a regular basis, and have fun while doing it.”

The Kidsday reporters will produce an article that will be published in Newsday’s Kidsday page next month.

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