Medical technician Lavonda Patterson won a new car Jan. 30 as IntegraCare announced the results of its fourth annual Continued Attendance Rewards, or CAR, program contest.

Patterson’s name was drawn from more than 35,000 entries whose perfect attendance during 2018 payroll periods was certified. Each employee received one drawing ticket for each payroll period in which they had perfect attendance. For each consecutive payroll period with perfect attendance, employees received additional tickets equaling the number of consecutive periods of perfect attendance.

The winner was announced via Facebook Live. Patterson, who works the third shift, has not called off for the past two years.

“Whenever we found out the winner was in our building, a lot of us managers were in tears,” said Tressia Day, executive director at Magnolias of Chambersburg, where Patterson has worked for more than 10 years. “We were super excited for our team. When Lavonda won, you could see the excitement and hear it in everyone’s voice as they cheered.”

Three additional sets of prizes —  a big-screen television, one-year subscription to Netflix and one week of vacation; an iPad, Amazon Prime membership and one week of vacation; and a FitBit Versa, Amazon Prime membership and one week of vacation — also were awarded at each of the 10 communities.

IntegraCare says its CAR Program has evolved into one of the most anticipated events of the year for employees in 10 senior living communities in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The Pittsburgh-based company has given away 11 new cars to employees since 2016.

“The CAR Program has generated excitement, boosted morale and helped improve attendance and retention of employees throughout our communities,” said Eric Walker, IntegraCare executive director of sales and marketing.

Specifically, according to IntegraCare, three IntegraCare saw double-digit reduction in turnover from 2017, and perfect attendance improved or remained the same in nine of the 10 communities.

Patterson personally can attest to the program’s success. “I’m just thrilled about it,” she said of winning this year.