Kaitlyn Wesdock’s Eagle Scout project took a team of volunteers to complete. (Photo courtesy of Magnolia Glen.)

Kaitlyn Wesdock has roamed the halls of Magnolia Glen in Raleigh, NC, since she was five years old. Her mother, Melissa, has been an occupational therapist assistant at the Kisco Senior Living community for 10 years, so when it came time to decide what to do for the service project required to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, Kaitlyn’s Wesdock’s decision was a no-brainer. 

“It was really fun for me, because I got to see a lot of the residents come out and watch us doing the project and just see them really excited from the start,” Wesdock said. “As soon as they found out that I was doing the project for them, they were all really excited and couldn’t wait. So it just made me happy that even before the project was there, they were looking forward to it.”

With the help of 12 Scout and adult volunteers, Wesdock installed a butterfly garden on Magnolia Glen’s campus. The garden, designed in the shape of a butterfly, is a carefully planned, sustainable haven, boasting a variety of vibrant, drought-resistant and pollinator-attracting plants. The project was the culmination of weeks of planning and approving paperwork. Wesdock’s journey as a Scout began in 2019, and with her final Eagle Board of Review interview approaching in August, she is proud to continue the family tradition.

“During the beginning, I definitely wanted to make it to Eagle just to show my brother and my cousins that I could make it to Eagle just like they all did,” Wesdock said. “I’m just very glad that I’m in the last stages of it.”

While Wesdock is busy putting the finishing touches on her Eagle Scout resume, her mother notices that the residents at Magnolia Glen are busy admiring her handiwork. 

“[Residents] stop by the therapy clinic on a pretty regular basis, or if they pass me in the hall, they’re like, “Kaitlyn’s garden is looking so nice!” and they give me updates on it,” Melissa Wesdock said. “They all enjoy walking past it on their morning walks. They’re really getting a lot more enjoyment out of it than I even imagined they were going to get out of it. They’re so thankful to Kaitlyn and her troop for providing it to them.”

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