Pennswood Village in Newtown, PA, is encouraging residents to hang their artworks in the community’s hallways.

Each resident of the continuing care retirement community has a certain number of hanging cables from which to hang their creations from discreet tracks that run along the tops of the walls. When residents decide they want to hang a new piece or change out their existing displays, they can call the maintenance team, which can reconfigure the displays quickly.

“It’s an opportunity to show a little of your own personality,” resident Ann Balderston says. “Having your own art personalizes the community more. It’s also fun to see what your neighbors hang up, too.”

The idea originally was suggested to Pennswood Village by the community’s architect, who worked with the community when it reconstructed its hallways a few years ago.

“It doesn’t cost the community very much, and it gives the residents so much more control over what their space looks and feels like,” says Ron Orner, president of Gallery System Art Displays, which provided the wall-mounted art hanging systems.

The system has been installed in every residential hallway at Pennswood Village, inspiring residents to hang what they like.

“It’s a hallmark of our community. It gives a personality to each section of the hallway, depending the residents who live there,” says Tom Atkins, COO of Pennswood Village. “Overall, it’s been very well-received by residents.”

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