Solstice Senior Living is giving its residents to cross off items on their bucket lists through its “Livin’ the Dream” program.

It is a part of the company’s bigger program called Vibrant Life, which encourages older adults to enhance their lives through meaningful experiences. The program has seven components: be inspired, be well, be challenged, be adventurous, be family, be social and be connected.

“Enabling residents to live a Vibrant Life is at the core of the Solstice Senior Living purpose,”  said Jackie Roy, an executive director at Solstice Senior Living. “We want to continue to empower our residents to dream and do things they’ve always wanted to do. That’s the inspiration behind events like this.”

“Livin’ the Dream” has allowed Jim Nelson to celebrate his 90th birthday with a tandem skydive, followed by 18 holes of golf. It gave Sandra “San” Lacy the chance to go skydiving with her son on her 81st birthday. Ida Shrum and her son got to experience the breathtaking views of Eagle, CO, from a hot air balloon.

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