Katelyn Ben Robinson Leviton and Joshua Paul Torchia planned a traditional wedding in Long Beach, CA, for June. When the Los Angeles County registrar closed down, however, they had no way to be married there, because they still needed a marriage license. They contacted a service that handles such matters throughout the United States, usually for the military (they are not members of the military), obtained a license and were married Saturday in the parking lot at Oakmont of Chino Hills in Chino Hills, CA, the Oakmont Senior Living community where the bride’s grandmother, Sue Robinson, lives.

Bride and groom Katelyn Ben Robinson Leviton and Joshua Paul Torchia look up at Sue Robinson, watching the wedding ceremony from her balcony at Oakmont of Chino Hills, Chino Hills, CA.

“The bride insisted the wedding be at the community so her grandmother would be part of it!” according to an Oakmont spokesperson.

Sue Robinson was able to watch the service from her balcony. The bride’s twin sister officiated.

Also in attendance were the bride’s mother, stepfather and stepbrother, as well as the groom’s parents. The bride’s older sister, Becky Leviton, watched the event on FaceTime from San Francisco.

The guests and the officiant stayed at least six feet apart, practicing social distancing.

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