Visit Vitality Court at Texas Star in Allen, TX, and you might encounter resident Willis Cotant wearing his cowboy hat and belt buckle.

Contant frequently reminisces about his ranching career, and it had been the dream of the lifelong rancher to return to a ranch since he relocated from Missoula, MT.

The staff recently made his dream come true, arranging for Cotant to spend the day two hours away at the Dublin Livestock Auction and visit the ranch of J.T. Pratt.  

Diane Byers, the community’s memory care director, found the J.T. Pratt ranch and the Dublin Livestock Auction and contacted the owner, who was kind enough to make arrangements for the visit.

Cotant had an opportunity to feed the livestock and witness the live cattle auction. He could not stop smiling, according to staff. He reminisced about his ranching days in Nebraska on the drive home.

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