When Jewish Home Family’s Jewish Home at Rockleigh in Rockleigh, NJ, held its first “Rockminster Dog Show” (the name is a play on the Westminster Dog Show) on Feb. 14, it featured not only live animals but also “companion pets,” robots equipped with sensors that enable them to respond to both sound and touch.

“These robotic pets have earned a place in our hearts as well as in our therapeutic recommendations,” said Jewish Home Family President and CEO Carol Silver Elliott. “We have long witnessed the magic and effectiveness of pet therapies, and these realistic robotic dogs and cats have allowed us to extend many of the benefits of pet companionship.”

The robot pets offer the benefit of being available for residents at any hour of the day or night, and many Jewish Home residents have formed strong bonds with these animals, according to the organization. The Jewish Home also continues to welcome live therapy dogs.

Despite the inclusion of robot pets in the Rockminster show, this year’s winning animal was Bentley, a live toy poodle owned by Activity Director Tracey Couliboly.

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Jewish Home at Rockleigh’s “Rockminster Dog Show” featured live and robotic animals.