At Cincinnati-based Wickshire Senior Living, seniors are giving back to (high school) seniors. 

The “Seniors Celebrating Seniors” campaign puts the spotlight on the graduating class of Deer Park High School. Residents created yard signs for the senior class of 2021 to celebrate both the end of their high school careers and the coming end of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to Heather Pigg, sales manager of Wickshire Senior Living, “We thought it would be an awesome way to give back to our community and our youth by donating signs to the graduating class of Deer Park High School. We have 86 personalized signs in our front yard right now, and our residents will be sharing messages of hope and congratulations on our social media channels to support the 2021 high school seniors.” 

As a part of the Wickshire Senior Living philosophy, being part of the community at large is the goal, rather than focusing on residents, associates and family members individually. The community aims to provide its community with purpose, connection and involvement.

In addition to the Seniors for Seniors campaign, Wickshire also regularly donates to Meals on Wheels and implemented “Wickshire Wednesdays,” during which breakfast and lunch are provided to first responders.

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