Residents of Brazos Towers at Bayou Manor, a senior living community in Houston, recently held a virtual “gratitude party” for residents of Eastwyck Village of North Greenbush, NY, to thank them for their assistance after Hurricane Harvey.

Residents of both communities set out refreshments and fired up FaceTime.

Last year, after watching news stories of the damage caused by the hurricane, Eastwyck sent an unsolicited check to Brazos Towers and asked them to use it for “something special” and to host a party. Brazos Towers purchased a paper shredder and planned the party for Eastwyck at which residents sang a song written for their new friends. Sung to the tune of “New York, New York,” the words to the Brazos song:

Start spreading the news

Storm Harvey is gone

We hope to never see it

Ever again

Our big Texas town

Is grateful to you

Our friends at Eastwyck Village

In old New York

We stayed up in a city that didn’t sleep

The rain kept tumbling down

It seems like for weeks

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