woman holding cat
StoneCreek resident Liz Baker holds Simba.(Photo courtesy of Civitas Senior Living)

StoneCreek of Edmond, an Oklahoma City, OK-based Civitas Senior Living community, is the home of many special older adults, but one resident in particular, a 19-year-old cat named Simba, is perhaps one of the community’s favorite senior citizens.

Owned by resident Liz Baker, Simbia is not just any cat. Together with his caregiver, he shares an official, and important, job at StoneCreek of Edmond.

“ ‘Resident ambassador’ is their actual title, although they do such a great job with helping our new residents acclimate to the community that it might as well be because of their reputation, too!” said Alyssa Ross, the community relations director for StoneCreek of Edmond.

Simba, the resident ambassador cat.

As resident ambassadors, the dynamic duo, Baker and Simba, make sure they greet all new residents and their family members when older adults move into the community. They encourage new residents to participate in activities, and they make it a point to befriend everyone who calls StoneCreek of Edmond home.

“Simba is a great conversation piece at StoneCreek,” Ross said.

“Liz loves to tell the story of how she came to adopt him,” she added, relaying that Liz adopted Simba 10 years ago when he was at a shelter.

“She said he walked in [her home], looked around and made himself cozy on her couch next to her as if to say, ‘this will do.’ Ten years later, he still spends his days by her side,” Ross said.

Simba sitting in his favorite spot, the basket of Liz Baker’s walker.

Baker and Simba have lived at StoneCreek for more than two years, and in that time, it’s clear the cat has won over the hearts of everyone at the community.

“He’s so friendly that to know him is to love him,” Ross said.

When they are not socializing, Baker regularly takes Simba on walks throughout the community, with the cat’s fluffy, orange head hanging out of the basket that is attached to Baker’s walker. 

It’s safe to say that Simba, who will be turning an astounding 20 years old in January, is one special senior citizen at StoneCreek.

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