Ovation Chai Point of Ovation Communities in Milwaukee is providing room and board, as well as an open studio, to University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee art student Christina Theobald as part of a university program that is benefiting Theobald as well as her older-adult fellow residents.

“It’s programs like this that help us continue living and learning,” said Tricia Cohn, executive director at Ovation Chai Point, an independent and assisted living community. “Being around young people keeps us ageless and keeps us going. They bring in a different kind of energy, and to see young people living with us, growing and blossoming is very inspiring.”

The artist-in-residence program, led by UWM faculty member Anne Basting, Ph.D.,, was developed in partnership with the UWM Creative Trust, an alliance committed to fostering lifelong learning through the arts and transforming aging in the process.

In the open studio at Ovation Chai Point, residents are welcome to observe Theobald while she is working, engage in conversation and even create some artwork of their own. Theobald specializes in painting.

“Living and working at Ovation Chai Point, I hope to gain as much knowledge and wisdom from the residents as possible,” she said. “I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity and to be surrounded by so many kind, supportive people. I can’t wait to see the products of our creative collaborations.”

This is the third year that Ovation Chai Point is participating in the program, which has four other senior living organization participants in Milwaukee, too. Communities can invite students of art, music and dance.

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