A team of six residents from Summit Estates Senior Living, Reno, NV — the oldest aged 90 years — recently completed a one-mile walk created specifically for them by The Dolan Running Series, produced by Reno 5000.

“Our residents were so happy to be a part of a community event where they not only got to participate, but they were able to finish and have a sense of accomplishment,” Life Enrichment Director Teri Gooch said.

A few residents used walkers and canes for assistance, and all six team members finished the race. Summit Estates residents included Audrey Brady, 90; Gloria Carlson, 88; Marvin Dockter, 90; Ron Dohoney, 78; Don Harvey, 66; and Leslie “Les” Sweeney, 81.

During the month leading up to the walk, residents trained by participating in the community’s walking club three times a week. Many residents walked indoors, making it a game to touch the window sills at the end of each hallway. In addition, residents participated in an hour-long morning exercise program five days a week. Gooch offered motivation and tips for nutrition and hydration.

Joining residents during the walk, held in a nearby park, were their family members and team leaders from Summit Estates and parent company Mission Senior Living, based in Carson City, NV. Dockter, 90, walked with his daughter, Bonnie.

“Most of our residents grew up in or near Reno and raised their families,” Summit Estates Administrator Amanda Jenkins said in a statement. “That need to participate in and support their community doesn’t change with age, and our residents are always on the go, looking for new, fun opportunities. Our goal is to connect them with those opportunities.”

Reno resident Jonah Vandever, a double amputee, and his mother, Steffi, joined in the walk as well. MSL had raced in support of Jonah Vandever during the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey in June to help raise money needed to purchase a set of computerized legs for him.

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