Austin, TX-based firm StudioSIX5 is predicting several senior living interior design trends for 2019:

  • Increased attention to infrastructure that supports technology related to “smart” homes / “smart” buildings.
  • A shift toward communities that are more eclectic and feel like residences.
  • Spaces that are updated for services and amenities with a higher level of design, to appeal to the urban, all-inclusive lifestyle that more residents expect.
  • Jewel tones continuing to remain popular in paint, furnishings and accessories.
  • The creation of outdoor “destinations” with amenities spaces.
  • More bars with self-serve point-of-service systems.
  • An increased focus on design considerations for employee amenities, as employee retention remains at the forefront of operators’ concerns.
  • Lighter wood tones in furnishings and millwork.
  • A shift in finish selections from cool-toned grays and silver accents to warmer neutrals and metallics.
  • Greater personalization of overall community design, as access to digitally printed materials increases.                                                                                                          

“Looking back, 2018 was a remarkable year for our firm and for the senior living industry as a whole,” StudioSIX5 founder and President Dean Maddalena said. “We found that many of our clients – new and old – were receptive to suggestions for more modern, innovative and playful interiors. Many were willing to branch out from their comfort zones and differentiate their communities from the competition to stay relevant to today’s aging population.”