Here are the 10 top senior living design trends for 2020, as forecast by Austin, TX-based StudioSIX5:

1. Anything goes. 2020 will be all about incorporating a preferred style, whatever it is, and tailoring it to distinguish a brand in the marketplace.

2. Art deco-inspired modernism. Senior-friendly furnishings will reflect inspiration from Art Deco and Bauhaus designs, with bold geometrics and color blocks. Designs featuring firm cushions and organic shapes will increase in popularity.

3. Resimmercial design will incorporate elements of “live” and “work” into design for senior living communities. Visitors and caregivers already are bringing commercial needs into these residential spaces. Operators can support remote working environments in communal areas, not just in units.

4. Mellow warmth. The use of rich color saturation and hues that exude warmth — terra cotta, burnt orange, colored gems and bold, monochromatic palettes — will increase.

5. Age-neutral design. Multifunctional and multigenerational spaces support flexibility. Communities will incorporate design elements that appeal to a wide age range, with features that meet the needs and expectations of residents, visitors and staff members.   

6. Black and white. This dynamic duo is timeless. Operators will pair them to create a high-contrast statement or will use one as a bold neutral backdrop.

7. Smart everything. Smart technology will be integrated into design elements, such as lighting and furnishings, and health monitoring will be expanded with wearable technology, such as keyless entry locks using residents’ mobile phones.

8. Performance fabrics. The fashion industry has caught up to senior living in the use of performance fabrics. The use of options that mimic specialty fabrics such as velvet, corduroy and woven wool will increase.

9. Artisanal elements. 2020 will mean more furniture, light pendants, room dividers and wall coverings that evoke a handmade feel with woven textures, cane and rope, and decorative fringe. Also, more consideration will be given for artisanal menus and dining experiences.

10. Plants. A simple way to incorporate biophilic elements into the overall design, indoor plants will help bring personality and life into spaces.