The Medicare payment system for SNFs has become increasingly broken, a report states.

The Virginia Board of Long-Term Care Administrators has suspended the license of a woman to practice as an assisted living facility administrator, alleging that she used residents’ Social Security funds to gamble and pay for vacations, dinners and credit card charges.

Officials from the Social Security Administration told the Richmond Times Dispatch that they are reviewing the matter.

The board will decide whether to exonerate, reprimand, place on probation, continue the suspension of or revoke the license of Mable Jones, of Jones & Jones Assisted Living Facility in Richmond, VA, at a June 28 hearing. The board said it also may require Jones to pay a monetary penalty.

Jones has told members of the media that she will address the numerous allegations against her at the hearing.

Among the additional allegations against Jones by the Board of Long-Term Care Administrators are that she did not disclose on her license application that she had been convicted of two felonies — for credit card theft and credit card fraud — in 1985 after she used a resident’s credit card to buy personal personal items. Nor did a bedbug infestation, which caused Jones’ license to be suspended for three months in 2017, abate, the board said.

The board also said Jones was not ensuring timely and adequate care for residents, including one who was injured after fighting with a resident and another who died after being hit by a car in October as he crossed a street close to the community.