Almost 14% (13.7%) of millennials who plan to provide care for their parents when needed expect that they will help their parents move to an assisted living community when appropriate, according to a newly released survey by search website CaringAdvisor.

Of millennials who already are providing some type of care for their parents, however, only 1.5% had parents who were living in assisted living, with the balance either providing care in their own homes (35.8%) or in their parents’ homes (62.7%). In fact, 24.6% of surveyed caregiving millennials ultimately chose to move back in with their parents to provide care there.

The survey defined millennials as people born between 1981 and 1997, currently aged 23 to 39.

The most common types of care provided to parents by millennials were: spending quality time, taking them shopping or to doctor appointments, cooking or bringing them food, cleaning their living spaces, and picking up medications. The most common signs that parents needed care, according to respondents, were aging (62.7%), loneliness (35.1%), disability (27.6%), chronic illness (26.1%) or memory loss (20.9%).

Survey data were collected online from 991 millennials between Jan. 1 and Feb 16.