Residents of assisted living communities in California are very satisfied with their living situations, according to a survey commissioned by the California Assisted Living Association, an Argentum state partner.

Oxford, MS-based global market research firm ProMatura conducted the study on behalf of CALA, questioning more than 8,000 assisted living residents and family members of assisted living and memory care residents in the country’s most heavily populated state.

“Even as seniors face the physical challenges of aging, they can — and do — enjoy a good quality of life when they feel safe, have control in their lives, are recognized and part of a caring community,” said ProMatura President and CEO Margaret Wylde, Ph.D.

And the survey findings reveal that most of the questioned assisted living residents feel just that way:

  • 95% of assisted living residents said they feel safe and secure.
  • 91% of the residents said they have choices in their lives.
  • 93% of the residents said they have made friends with other residents.
  • 89% of the residents said they would recommend their community to a friend.

Respondents represented 228 CALA-member communities ranging in size from fewer than 50 units to more than 125 units each. More than 175,000 older adults in the Golden State live in assisted living communities, according to CALA.

“While assisted living was once thought of primarily as a way for seniors to get help with the physical aspects of aging, it is clear that assisted living and memory care communities are not only meeting day-to-day needs but significantly contributing to quality of life for seniors,” Sally Michael, CALA president, said in a statement.

See the report for additional results.