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NRC Health announced the winners of its third annual award recognizing senior living organizations for “delivering exceptional customer and employee experiences.”

This year, two organizations — National HealthCare Corp. of Murfreesboro, TN, and Vetter Health Services of Elkhorn, NE —  won both the 2021 Customer Approved and Employee Approved Awards. Both of these organizations also appeared on both lists in 2020. Vetter appeared on both lists in 2019 as well, whereas National Healthcare Corp. appeared on the 2019 Customer Approved Award winners list.

A total of five independent living, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities were selected in each category for 2021. NRC chose the top 10 organizations to highlight this year in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic for “providing the best care experiences for the patients and for having a committed workforce dedicated to the holistic care journey.”

Other Customer Approved Winners this year are Artis Senior Living, McLean, VA; Lutheran Senior Live, Mars, PA; and HumanGood, Pleasanton, CA. Other Employee Approved Winners are American Medical Facilities Management, Charleston, WV, Mission Health, Tampa, FL, and the Goodman Group in Chaska, MN.

“This past year has been incredibly difficult for everyone, but even in light of these hardships, healthcare systems from all over the nation have made the care experience a priority for their patients and residents,” NRC Health Chief Growth Officer Helen Hrdy said. 

Winners of the Customer Approved Awards were selected based on performance ratings from family members and residents. Employee Approved Awards are based on employee feedback. Both awards rely on the organizational net promoters score, a measure of satisfaction and a proxy for loyalty in the industry. The award recognizes organizations for “cultivating consistent customer and employee experiences.”  

Winners will be recognized at the 27th Annual NRC Health Symposium in August in Nashville, TN.
See the 2019 and 2020 winners.

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