Images from Benchmark's Family Text campaign
Images from Benchmark Senior Living’s Family Group Text campaign. (Images courtesy of Benchmark Senior Living)

Waltham, MA-based Benchmark Senior Living has launched a new marketing campaign to try to educate consumers about senior living by helping them “unlearn” everything they think they know.

The Family Group Text campaign highlights what’s possible when assumptions about older adults are put aside. Benchmark said the effort tells the story of senior living through images showing a typical modern-day family conversation via text messaging.

Benchmark Vice President of Marketing Marla Rappaport told McKnight’s Senior Living that the campaign visually shows common text message threads that family members have related to their older loved ones. It features adult children talking about what a parent or older adult loved one may or may not like, and it juxtaposes those conversations with the reality of what occurs daily in a senior living community.

“Text messaging was the ideal vehicle, because it’s something everyone can relate to, particularly busy adult children and families juggling many responsibilities, such as looking after a parent or grandparent,” Rappaport said.

Benchmark Chairman and CEO Tom Grape said that misconceptions about senior living often are disproven as soon as someone walks through the doors.

“This campaign is designed to showcase the fun and freedom our residents enjoy daily because of what we make possible,” Grape said in a statement. “Our communities are truly a special place for our residents and their loved ones because of the great skill, love and intention our associates put into providing our industry-leading care and experiences.”

In addition to dispelling misconceptions, Rappaport said that the company wants to “highlight the powerful human connections and high-quality experiences” available at its 64 communities.

“By bringing to life what happens every day in our communities, whether it be lively social hours, fun programs or top-notch service, we are showing people it’s different than they imagined,” she said.

The effort invites prospective residents and their families to tour Benchmark communities to learn more about personalized programs and events, activities that match residents with similar interests, onsite medical care and other amenities.

Benchmark launched the campaign across a variety of traditional print and online channels.