Attorneys representing a pro-religious organization have sent a letter to a Fredericksburg, VA-based senior living operator, alleging that rules against Bible studies in a community room constitute religious discrimination.

“It’s frightening that a management company would use the threat of eviction to stop residents from meeting together to discuss any issue, let alone their faith,” notes the letter on behalf of First Liberty Institute. The correspondence was sent to Community Realty Company, a parent company of the Evergreens at Smith Run.

The letter alleges that Ken Hauge, a semi-retired Lutheran minister, was asked by other residents to lead a Bible study program in the complex’s community room last year. Hauge reserved the room, but the building manager reportedly insisted that the event be called a “Book study” rather than a “Bible study.”

Some other residents allegedly opposed the gathering and attempted to interfere with the Bible study on several occasions, according to published reports.

In July, the Evergreens adopted a new policy prohibiting residents from engaging in activity “for religious purposes” in the community room. The same day, Hauge allegedly received a letter indicating his lease would be terminated on Aug. 31 if he continues to lead a Bible study program.