Delegate Patrick Hope

A bill requiring assisted living operators to inform prospective residents of a community’s emergency power preparations is headed to the Virginia governor’s office for signing after it passed in both houses of the state General Assembly.

H.B. 1815 was introduced by Delegate Patrick Hope (D). If it is signed by the governor, all assisted living operators must disclose in writing to prospective residents or their legal representatives whether the community has an on-site emergency electrical power source to supply electricity if the normal power supply is interrupted. The source can be permanent, or it can be temporary if it remains on the premises at all times.

Assisted living communities with on-site emergency electrical power sources will be required to disclose:

  • the items that will be supplied electricity should the normal power supply be interrupted, and
  • whether staff members have been trained to maintain and operate the emergency power source to ensure that electricity is provided if needed.

All residents or their legal representatives will be required to acknowledge in writing that they were informed of the community’s backup power preparations.