The six residents of a senior living community in Healdsburg, CA, escaped a Sunday night fire without incident. For that, they can thank a quick-acting 10 year-old and his mother.

Carlos Matos noticed smoke coming from an oven at the Magnolia Manor Senior Center. Then it exploded, setting off a blaze that would make the building uninhabitable.

His mother, Liz, who owns the center, then sent Carlos outside to call the local fire department. He made the call and gave the address. While Carlos was on the phone, she made six trips in and out of the smoky building, evacuating elderly patients one at a time.

Each resident was outside the building by the time firefighters arrived. None were seriously injured, although several were treated by arriving paramedics.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Damage has been estimated at $200,000. The family said they hope to find a rental space that can be used to house residents while they rebuild and repair the damaged building.