Brookdale Senior Living on Tuesday reported a slight month-over-month increase in occupancy among its 695 properties, with a May weighted average occupancy of 70.5% and month-end occupancy of 71.6%. In April, the weighted average occupancy was 69.9%, and month-end occupancy was 71.1%.

Occupancy is slowly trending upward from a decline that began more than a year ago. May’s month-end occupancy percentage is slightly better than the year-end 2020 occupancy percentage of 71.5%, according to the company’s recent report

The consolidated month-end occupancy is significantly lower than it was a year ago. May 2020 saw a weighted occupancy of  78.4%. The third quarter weighted average for 2020 was 75.3% compared with 69.6% in the first quarter of 2021.

The Brentwood, TN-based company said it will continue to publish monthly occupancy reports in an effort to provide additional visibility until it returns to providing financial guidance, at which time it will resume its traditional reporting practices.