Stress and burnout are prime challenges coming out of the pandemic year, according to a recent industry survey of 2,800 skilled nursing and senior living workers.

Fifty-nine percent of the respondents to a poll by Cleveland-based human capital management software company OnShift said they were moderately, very or extremely burned out or stressed. The survey authors suggest that senior living and care leaders should take the time to assess burnout levels and tak steps to alleviate the problem.

Even more than wages increases, perks are huge morale boosters for workers, according to the survey.  A flexible schedule ranks high on the wish list to allow for more “me” or family time.  A key takeaway from the survey is optimism. Although providers are grappling with an unparalleled shortage of frontline workers, most of the caregivers surveyed said they enjoy doing what they do. Caring for residents and patients is the most rewarding part of the job for 79% of those asked.