The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is investigating a new outcomes-based reimbursement strategy for COVID-19 tests, according to an InsideHealthPolicy report. CMS Administrator Seema Verma said at an America’s Health Insurance Plans’ conference Tuesday that the organization has plans to move quickly on policy changes affecting reimbursement. 

“Right now, we’re paying for two different types of tests but really thinking about, is that the appropriate way to reimburse for testing?” Verma said. “Maybe we need to be more focused on results and outcomes around testing rather than just for certain types of tests so we’re looking at a reimbursement strategy.”

Verma also hinted that any upcoming CMS policies will make reimbursement avenues available from the “get-go,” adding that CMS policies normally tend to take a long time to formulate.

Verma also said CMS is working on increasing trust among Medicare beneficiaries in an eventual COVID-19 vaccine. With the adoption rate for routine flu vaccines at just over 50% among this population, Verma said the organization is concerned about whether a COVID-19 vaccine will be welcomed.