Prospective residents and their families are looking for greater access, flexibility and connectivity as they navigate their long-term health care needs, according to a new white paper from specialty investment bank Ziegler.

Although some older baby boomers might be technology-shy, their children are looking to get the most information in the least amount of time to help their parents find the senior living experience best suited to their needs, noted the paper, “Navigating the Patient Access and Digital Front Door Landscape.”

Technology solutions are rapidly advancing in the sector, Ziegler said. Exploring the concepts outlined in the white paper, according to the organization, will force senior living and care providers to think differently about their models and the intersection between the customer experience and ideal operational functioning.

The idea of a “digital front door” helps advance increased integration and service coordination, the white paper noted. Senior living and care providers could tap into many potential  benefits instead of wasting time with inefficient operations and labor-intensive coordination with other third parties, the authors said.